'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Mon 10.9.07, Morning

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Osnat R Roni Sh (reporter) Translator Orna B


Anabta 10.10 

A shift that started with no special events ended badly.

No queue at the entrance to Anabta, and at the exit too there are only two cars. No inspections but the cars are delayed nevertheless because of the uncertainty and the fear of passing without that waive of the hand...


On the way out we dally by the fig and prickly pear seller and await there for him to peel a prickly pear for us. While there  we notice that at the entrance to Anabta a very long queue gathered, that soon reached the bend (about 30 cars). We decide to go back to the checkpoint and check what is going on.  On our way to the checkpoint an Israeli car that of course had not waited in the queue at the checkpoint, passes us. There are 3 women in it who, when they saw us, stop within the road block area and park there. They stormed out of their car and ran towards us swearing and cursing us. The Blue and White women arrived!!!  the infamous Rika accompanied this time by two other women. They jumped on us and physically pushed us away from the checkpoint. They got very very near us waived their hands in our faces and screamed sentences such as: "How many children have you murdered today?" and other words I simply cannot repeat. All along a Hummer with soldiers was driving slowly, accompnying them. In answer to my rhetorical question if they can protect us, they said that they were there to protect us from the Palestinians, not the Jews, and apart from that, they were not the police. Osnat managed to photograph only their stormy arrival. We did not wish them to 'accompany' us to our car which we had left by the fig seller. And crazy Rika who today was a little less crazy than her friend was surprised when I agreed to write in my report that "Rika from Blue and White says that when we arrive we endanger the soldiers." She of course did not see the ridiculous in it. They left us screaming abuse that cannot be repeated.

This event was shocking and scary, not only because of the terrible curses that we had heard before but also because we felt that one wrong move and they would attack us physically, and that they are so crazy there is no telling what they would do next.


We crossed through the children's gate in Jubara. An inspection of the bags of two guys (probably illegals) that is done on the ground with weapons pointed at them.


No queue and no inspections, just a question here and there.

The road block commander is asking us to stand behind the reinforced concrete boulders but we refuse. He does not understand why, is it not for our own protection... He claims that it is an order of the brigade commander who " is of course known for his good relationship with us". We answer that we are allowed to stand anywhere as long as we do not disturb the soldiers, and that we do not want nor need his protection. He takes vent of his anger and frustration on the Palestinians of course. A driver from Jubara who normally passes without standing in the queue receives an educative lecture. Obviously, a queue is building up.


The driver is released, the queue evaporates and we are on our way home...