Tarqumiya, Mon 19.11.07, Morning

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Er'ela H., Yael Sh.

We arrived at the checkpoint at 05:15.
The area around the checkpoint is in total darkness, it appears there is an electricity blackout (we are told it started 5 minutes before we arrived). There's a lot of movement through the terminal, and a lot of vans are waiting to pick up the workers. In spite of the blackout, workers continue to pass through. A border police jeep pulls over near the checking area and provides illumination for the soldiers with its headlights.

The soldiers stand before the jeep; there are at least 3 inspectors, 2 security guards and 4 border police
soldiers keeping the order. The passage is relatively quick (no line at all in the vehicle queue).

One of the border police soldiers assumed command and stood with his gun above the queue of workers waiting to pass through to make sure no one moves forward. It was a very unpleasant sight. On the other hand, an older border police soldier addressed the workers in Arabic and pointed them towards the checking area in a courteous manner.

Around 05:45 the power came back, and the soldiers returned to their regular posts. In average, according to our measurements, it took a worker approximately 15 minutes to pass through the checkpoint.

We left at 06:00.