Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Wed 21.11.07, Morning

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Y.driver, R. (reporting)
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 Nov 21 
Bethlehem CP, Al Nashash, Nebi Yunis, DCO Etzion,
Bethlehem CP, 6:40 am
Six stations checking, the lines are crowded and long.  The checking is done quickly.  People say there are many people waiting to enter the CP.  There is still no sign of roofing at the entrance, although one of the security men say it will be built.
Al Nashash, 7:30 am
One man asks for our help with a traffic report
Nebi Yunis, 8:00 am
Two men bring their forms for help with traffic reports.
DCL Etzion, 8:45 am
There are ten men waiting for a magnetic card.  We call to see if M is there for police problems, and are told that he is.  Later we are notified that he perhaps is not present, so we call him directly on his mobile, and he is not there.  But he says there is a sign posted saying he will not be present all week.  There is no sign like that in the waiting hall.