Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Thu 22.11.07, Morning

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Nava A., Rachel A. Moran A.

Translation: Hanna K.

06:30 Shomron Gate

There is no police barrier at the entrance

The entrance is open, the entrance to Zeita is closed by concrete barriers

06:50 Za'tara

Coming from the west there are two cars, for cars from the north there is only one post open, there are two busses at the parking lot. Another post is being opened.

06:55 one bus is leaving

07:00 a second bus is leaving (about 20 minutes). Coming from the north there are about 30 cars in the queue.

Yitzhar - to Huwwara - open.

07:10 Huwwara

About 50 pedestrians waiting to be checked. Two posts open.

07:30 Beit Furik

There is no queue of cars in both directions. Very few people in the area of the CP. The CP commander asks us politely to return to the white line,an order from above. We met the DCO.

07:45 We left Beit Furik. The coffee counter owner (Ossama) has received an authorization for an ID and a number, but has to go to Beit El and arrange for a certificate, but has no road to get there, so in the meantime cannot pass on to Nablus.

07:50 Awarta

6 trucks at the entrance, 6-7 at the exit from Nablus. One of the soldiers it friendly towards us, and one soldier shouts at him that he should go back to the post. Only one lane is open for passage in the two directions. We are allowed to stand at the CP.

08:05 The CP commander arrives and asks us to remove ourselves to the concrete barriers.

08:15 Huwwara

There is a queue up to the end of the shed, there are only two posts open, as well as the humanitarian post. The Palestinians behind the turnstiles keep at distance of 12-2 meters from the turnstiles and do not push, they have probably been removed. A soldier girl: "all go back, wait". People leave the CP with their belt in their hand. A Palestinian collects a lot of food from a garbage cart (tomatoes, bananas, yoghurts etc.)

08:30 We left.

Za'tara - 50 cars coming from the north in a queue, 3 posts open. 18 cars from the west in the queue.