Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Wed 5.12.07, Afternoon

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Ronit B. and Daniela G. (reporting)

Bethlehem CP, 14:30: Nobody coming in or going out.

Etzion DCL. 15:00: 2 people coming out. One of them is GSS refused, had contacted our S. the day before and was already hopeful, but had obviously come back in vain. The other did have a permit, saying he was allowed entry in spite of his being "refused" for some reason. He was doubtful whether he would be able to use this at the CPs. Another man came in search for a permit so he could get to Hadassah hospital with his brother, who has Cystic Fibrosis. He had been receiving permits for many years and all of a sudden was refused. It seems Hadassah hospital has come to an agreement with the DCL that if the family does not have insurance of means to pay for treatment,

the DCL will not issue permits!

Bethlehem CP, 16:00: 3 stations opened but it is not enough for the many people wishing to go back home into Bethlehem. The lines almost reach the street. A civilian guard lets the people in, in groups of about 10 and makes sure they stand outside "nicely" in two lines. We wonder what will happen when it rains, but finally understand the logic the insistence of the guard on making sure there's a decent space between the 2 lines – it is for the women and children to go through without having to wait in line. It takes 10 minutes for the men to pass. At 16:15 two more stations are opened and everybody goes through quickly. Pressure over.