Beit Iba, Jit, Wed 5.12.07, Afternoon

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Sarah O. Tammie C.

Natanya translating.
Nothing special on the way to Beit Iba and the checkpoint of Jit were empty and also at Dir Sharif there was little traffic.  At 14.50 we arrived at Beit Iba and a number of students came towards us. The checkpoint was quiet and looked as if it had even been cleaned up a bit. We did not bother to look for the white line and though there were many captains there  especially from the DCO with Raad at the head, Heiman and Tomer as well as Asam and Yoni and also were pleased to see us and there was no problem as to where we should be standing.

Few people entering because of the university vacation and those leaving were not checked.  There was no pressure of people entering and this was the case also with the cars. Tomar, a pleasant and polite young man, told us that whenever a new commander arrived he had to explain  all the orders. By the way  Raad told us that the DCO at Qalqiliya had passed to the Ayal checkpoint and we will see how this works.
Sarah spoke to Yonnie and told him that on Saturday at 8 in the evening on the 8th channel would be a movie…..1000 bullets" and he said he and his friends would try to watch this.