Azzun, Beit Iba, Jit, Mon 19.11.07, Afternoon

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Elisheva A. Yona A. (reporting) Natanya translating.

Beit Iba

Little movement in either direction. The building continues. People entering Nablus are not checked. 3 soldiers check the parcels of those exiting. The DCO representative, Tomer, and another soldier check the IDs of the women and older people. One detainee in the enclosure. Shizif the commander asks us to move away and threatens to call the police. We refuse and in the end he accepts our presence.
The woman soldier finds a blender in the parcels of a girl and tells her to take it apart. The girl does not want to do so as it will be hard for her to put it together again. The soldier brings a screwdriver and starts to undo the screws. Another soldier comes up to her and says "We all know this is a blender and it is impossible to put an explosive device in it. There are five soldiers and one starts to fasten the screws while the others go on checking.
The father of the detained man arrives and explains that his son works at a cement factory near the checkpoint. He had finished his work and was on his way to Deir Sharif. The soldiers saw him and have already held him for half an hour. S, the commander, says the man will sit in the enclosure until 4.00 . Soon the enclosure is filled with other young men.

Two soldiers looking at the fields in the direction of Qusin see 4 young men. They run after them and after having taken their IDs put them in the enclosure. 15 minutes and they take groups of young men including one who says he is a lawyer. But everyone is sent to the enclosure humiliated and shamed.

4 soldiers stand at the car lane and chat while cars wait. 5 minutes later the soldier motions a bus to come forward. The engine is shut down and the soldiers get in to check. Then 14 young men get out and go to the turnstiles. In the meantime the bus and all the cars wait. 10 minutes later the bus is motioned forward to wait for the young men and the other cars can also proceed.

There are 16 detaineesinfo-icon who have tried to bypass the checkpoint. Elisheva phones the centre and Dana says she will try to help.

A bus with sacks of sesame seeds leaves Nablus and is sent to the side of the road. The driver wants to raise the covering and a woman soldier arrives with the dog which gets on to the truck and starts to sniff. Elisheva goes nearer and the soldier stops her checking and says she will not continue until Elisheva goes back and the soldier with her warns Elisheva not to photograph the dog because it is military equipment. Elisheva moves and the dog goes on sniffing.

16.35 The truck is allowed through.

There is no checkpoint and at the entrance to Azzun the road is blocked to cars but there are no soldiers.