Jit, Tue 20.11.07, Morning

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Shlomit, Ruthie C. (reporting) Natanya translating.

On our way to Beit Iba we take a look at what is happening at Shave Shomron which is completely closed up and with no soldiers around. Beit Iba is changing beyond all recognition and there are signs of no entry all over the show. Those entering Nablus are not checked at all and the soldiers stand together chatting and checking those leaving. The commander refused to speak to us about the detaineesinfo-icon whilst the soldier who was standing next to him tried to explain that these were drivers who had bothered everyone and that the Palestinians also would be glad to have them dealt with.

A car from Nablus is not allowed to exit and a woman with a small child gets out and comes to us asking us to check her and when we explain who we are she turns to the soldiers with the same request. The soldiers want to allow her through but she insists that they check her ID and then goes son.

At Jit there are few cars and we ask permission to turn around and go back.