Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Mon 3.12.07, Morning

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Yeela L., Ziva B.P. (reporting)

Meitar CP (Sansana) 
We arrived at  6:45 and there were about 30 workers on the Palestinian side .On the Israeli side there were a few workers who had already passed through the CP waiting for their transport. It turned out that the delay was caused by a problem with the gate thru which the workers pass. Once that was fixed the passage through the terminal has been quick and efficient. 6 people did the work well. The check point is given over to civilians, and the person we spoke to told us that they aim at an effecient and cordial check up. Within a month ID's would also be checked by civilans and that too should improve the passage. 


Pharmacy CP-schoolchildren and adults passed through  without any  problems. Tarpat CP: the school teachers as well as the kids pass through as usual.

Tel Romeida- Soldiers everywhere. we were not allowed to go up. The soldier that was very determined to stop us said it was "a military Zone." an officer at the cp below said they had orders not to let people from any organizations go near the houses.

The CPs outside the Cave of the Patriarchs- no detaineesinfo-icon observed.

Route 60

There were no special events along the rest of the road to Hebron. Very small children walk to school, people crossing, no detainees.
Shiyuch-Sair: open to pedestrians as usual.A military jeep was parked at the junction but the soldiers did not get out of it. Cab drivers told us that the soleiers in the Pillbox between Shiukh and Bani-Naim give them much trouble. They stop the cars, tell passangers to get off to the side of the road, and the girls are intimidated and scared. 

Sheep junction- On the way back we saw soldiers dealing with a cab driver and 2 vespa drivers in front of the road block. It turned out the the cab stayed there for a long time because the driver was waiting for a friend who went shopping; The soldiers took yellow license plates from the vespa riders and sent them on their way.

A lot of money seems to be pouring into the main road on the Palestinian side of the fence. Are we really so good towards the future Palestinian State or does it indicate our true intentions?