'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Azzun, Qalqiliya, Sun 16.12.07, Afternoon

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Aliya S., Alix W., (reporting)

Only a few days before Eid ul-Adha, also called the `big holiday',
it is celebrated in honor of the prophet Abraham, the Moslems
celebrate together with family giving gifts, family meals and being
together. Even in the occupation and their constant oppression,
they look forward to the holiday and what they can give to others.

13:30 A-Ras
A new group of reservists, the commander comes over to us and asks
who we are; there are no cars from any direction and no pedestrians.

Coming out from Jubara, the commander comes over to us asking who we
are, and where we are coming from, not familiar with Machsom Watch
at all (new reservists)

14:00 Anabta
No cars or pedestrians from either side

The Pink House- Shvut Ami
I didn't think I'd ever say I was glad to see a road block `Machsom',
but as we approached the `Pink House', we see a huge mound of earth
blocking the entrance road to the house, an army jeep and two
soldiers, there are other mounds of earth blocking the entrance to
the house.

Azzun is open when we pass

16:25 Qalqilya
There are over 16 vehicles waiting to exit Qalqilya and six going in.
The border police are waving the vehicles through, only stopping
Israeli vehicles, IDs and authorization to enter.