Shaked, Tue 11.12.07, Morning

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Neta J. and Shula B.


07:10 Shaked CP

Pupils and teachers are going through from the Israel side of the seam zone to the West Bank. Laborers are going through from the West Bank to the seam zone.
A driver of a car / taxi who is returning from Jenin to the seamline zone tells us that in the morning he went through at the Reihan CP with a pregnant woman who was on her way to give birth, to have a caesarian section in the hospital in Jenin. At the CP they told the woman to get out of the car but she and the driver asked them to let her be. She was tense and under pressure - and they asked the soldiers to inspect the car with her inside. According to the driver there was a lot of shouting and rude talk and in the end the soldiers did agree and left her in the car.