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1. Approaching Machsom A-Ram we noticed changes in the immediate surroundings; barbed wire and big rocks were put on the dividing lane and on the sidewalks (to avoid car parking), piles of dirt on the sides, dust mixed with car pollution - an overall great neglect.

2. A-Ram - going in we noticed smooth car crossing yet on our way out there was a long traffic jam caused by unexpected closureinfo-icon (about 1 hour delay).
The Border Policemen refused to explain the reason for that closure.

3. Qalandiya – in both machsomim humanitarian unit. On the sides were Border Policemen. We did not detect any malicious act from the reserve soldiers yet the Border Policemen are producing problems that even the soldiers in the Machsom detest. They said that they are ready to add their complaints against Border Police doings

)a: 2 detaineesinfo-icon were held for a few hours at the Machsom. As we understood Border Policemen brought them in for not obeying their orders. They both tried to put selling stools near the Machsom (against the Border Policemen's orders). We tried to help and called the Moked (Center for the Defence of the Individual). While we were around they were both freed.b. More difficult problems were presented by the taxi drivers near the machsom (on the way to Jaba - eastward). Drivers were frustrated and angry with non-coherent Border Police orders regarding parking places. According to them parking areas are being changed in matters of hours or days and driving licenses and ID cards are confiscated from the drivers for a few hours. The Border Policemen damaged at least 2 cars. Moreover, Border Policemen do not provide accurate information about these confiscated licenses and the drivers are wasting precious time to locate them (talking to the reserve soldiers they assured that sometimes the Border Policemen tell the drivers that their IDs are with the reservists - and they are not). The Border Policemen damaged at least 2 cars badly, we contacted the Moked and it seems that the driver will file a complaint.4. While walking around people were approaching us complaining that we do not do enough and doubted our effectiveness. It was tough and very sad.