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It was very still, with no Palestinian presence at all. No lines or vehicles. Border policemen in the tower overlooking the area. We witnessed soldiers questioning a Palestinian young man who was trying to cross the major intersection. They released him within a minute or two.We drove to el-Khadr which was entirely deserted except for a few soldiers (we had passed several police vehicles and jeeps along the way), and then we continued on to Husan. The area looked to me like a broken down movie set.Husan itself, as we drove a bit up the entry drive and then back around the side of the village was clearly under curfew. Again, a ghost-town effect.Finally, we circled back and drove towards Har Chomah, veering to the left, to Tsur Baher. There were no checkpoints. We commented on the dramatic difference between the main road (i.e. the new, clean, built-up road going into the settlement) and the narrow, run down road, lined on either side with high piles of debris, which leads into the Arab village. On the other side of the village we again encountered a beautiful new well designed and secure road. The one which encircles East Talpiot.