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Steady traffic southbound; pedestrians walking north. No check.On the airport runway, there were eight 'transits' left out of the nine reported yesterday.North QalandiyaTwo reservists and four soldiers were checking carefully ,according tothe 'rules'. There were many families with children. Two small boys, 8 and 3 tried to walk ahead, but they were called back to walk through the line. We told the soldiers they have no identity card and are allowed to go through as they are young. "No", said the soldier, they must stand in line, so the eight year old carried the young one across the bars in his arms. Two young women, one without a permit, were sent back although they live in Hizmeh. Our persistent intervention didn't help. They walked back, and probably crossed through the side path. A mother carrying a very young babyinfo-icon wrapped in blanket had no permit and was not allowed to go through. It was bitter cold and windy. We could not help and she walked away. We saw her slip across the area towards the quarry and so did the soldiers, but they did nothing. Throughout , the tv crew took shots of everything. Their presence was very effective and no doubt made the checking much smoother,