Reihan, Shaked, Sun 16.12.07, Morning

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Hannah and Yocheved
06:00 - 09:00
0600 Reihan cp
People report that the CP opened at 05:30. The workers complain, "Why do they open at five thirty when there is permission to go out to work at five?" The seamstresses in a huddle are waiting for a ride and for another group that is stuck in the "rooms".
The workers ask,"Why does the Taibeh CP open at 04:30 and this one doesn't? Sometimes there are only two posts open out of the five at the Reihan CP. Why don't they open all of them in the morning?"
God knows ....
On the other hand, they have opened a well [!] and a fountain [!] on the site. The gardening is at high gear.
The Palestinians call the well the "Well of Jacob" [B'er Yaakov] ...
07:00 Shaked cp
Everything is as usual. But they do not allow people to go through in cars. They have to get out at the CP, to be inspected in the inspection pavilion. The car goes through to the other side of the CP and then they get into it and ride away.

07:45 Reihan CP
13 cars are waiting. So far this morning only three pickup trucks with vegetables and eggs and one pickup truck with sheep have gone through.
08:10 Only now is the first pickup truck leaving; after a quarter of an hour the second and the third that entered the compound at 07:00 leave.
08:30 The second group of four cars with goods enters the compound.
There is a report from the Mavo Dothan CP that only a resident of Yaabed or a driver with a permit to enter the Reihan CP can go through there.  This is in contrast to last week, when everybody could go through there. They are driving the people crazy!
09:00 We left the CP and 9 pickup trucks were waiting.