'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Qalqiliya, Thu 27.12.07, Afternoon

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Avital C., Yehudiet L., Natanya - translation


16:06 Anabta 

   Many cars in both directions and from the direction of the exit we cannot see where the line ends. But in 5 minutes the line decreases.  We enter Jubara which is very pretty.

16:35 The Childrens' gate

…3 cars in the direction of A-Ras.

17:37 Checkpoint Ar-Ras

 No pressures but there are cars. The dogtrainer carries out her work. People leave their cars and the dog   sniffs around everywhere. The occupants of the second car are evidently religious and we can see that this checking carried out by the dog offends and humiliates them.

16:50 We got back through the childrens' gate and saw workers detained by a police car at the Jubara gate.