'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Beit Iba, Jubara (Kafriat), Qalqiliya, Wed 2.1.08, Afternoon

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Sarah F., Dalia ., Natanya translating


Little movement.  Apathy and imperviousness to people…maybe that is the drama today, here and at Beit Iba.

14.30 Jubara checkpoint.

 I went up to the soldier to tell him we were entering through the gate of Jubara. He was polite and said that there was an exercise at Jubara and that we should not be alarmed if we saw soldiers turning around with drawn weapons and this was so….we saw soldiers in the
yards of the houses.

When we left for A-Ras next to the childrens' gate was a car, a donkey cart and the donkey and 5 boys. In the hut the soldiers were dealing with a woman soldier who was "wounded" as part of the exercise…3 army cars, 10 soldiers all standing and watching and waiting.


 No checking and no movement. A police car with two policemen and we photographed the car on the other side. We ask a policeman what is happening and he says "That is not your business and if you are photographing I have nothing to say to you."  I am surprised that we are not allowed to photograph and he said "What would you do if I came into your house and photographed."  The open field is as an entrance to my house? This is the logic. I did not answer and the police vehicle drove off. 

The line at the exit from Tulkarm lengthens and people are already getting out and waiting on the road because they realize this is going to take a long time.

We went to two soldiers who were standing doing nothing and they spoke pleasantly but said that they had been ordered not to let anyone through till the drill ended.  They themselves were very tired as all night they had been on guard at the checkpoints and now because of the drill they had to stay there also the whole day. And so they do look exhausted and apathetic.

We asked why the car is going to Qalqiliya and not to Jubara could not be allowed through, but that was that. They did not want to deal with the question.

We phoned Tammie that she should try to see what could be done but then the soldier phoned his commander and asked the same question and she said there was no problem. They could go through and at 14:45 everyone went through thanking us.

Maybe the "small head" of the soldiers was because of their exhaustion and it does not really make any difference. They did not think to ask questions and waited with the Palestinians for the nightmare to end.

Sarah says that the army has the same attitude to the soldiers and the Palestinians…neither have any importance.

15:00 We go to Anabta where there are 20 cars in both directions. The soldiers are efficient but do not greet us and at 15:35 we go to Beit Iba.