Qalandiya, Mon 7.1.08, Afternoon

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Yael I., Ruth O., Orit Y. and Ilana D. (reporting)

From 2:00 till 5:30 PM

Vocational Secondary School in Atarot, Atarot CP, Bitunia and Ramot Road CP

had made an appointment with Mr. Wasfi Tamimi, who replaces the
Principal of the Vocational High School. He had asked us for help
concerning his students who have to walk three kilometers to reach the
school since the gate next to the BP-base under the school is closed to
them. We had approached Guy Ehrlich on his behalf and he told us that a
bus should be running to serve them. However, the bus never
materialized. We informed Mr. Tamimi that he should write a letter to
Nissim Edri, the Commander of the Jerusalem Envelope to explain his
plight with a copy to Guy Ehrlich and the Director of the Industrial
Zone who were supposed to operate the bus line. Mr. Wasfi Tamimi told
us that there is only an Egged bus which enters at 7:00 AM and is of no
use to his students, since it serves only passengers from West
Jerusalem. He will invite Guy Ehrlich to visit his school. He also told
us of his plans to try and enroll students from villages in Northern
Israel since he has boarding facilities. He also wants to get
recognition from the Israeli Ministry of Education for matriculation,
but some of his veteran teachers do not meet the academic requirements.
Ruth hoped she might be of assistance in the Ministry and suggested he
contact ORT
  - he seemed to think poorly of the ORT school in Sheikh
Jarrah. He told us that he has extremely sophisticated equipment, which
is not used, since he has students in only four classrooms and space
for ten. He would like to take younger children and start in tenth
grade to rejuvenate and invigorate his school.

wanted to cross the Qalandia CP, but met with signs forbidding Israelis
to continue and then were also told by a soldier in an army jeep that
we could not continue – the situation has worsened apparently and we
were unable to reach the Leel CP.

the exist of the Industrial park we noted a long line of cars at the
impromptu CP of which we had reported last time, but we could not stop
the car and when we returned later there was no more queue.

went to Bitunia and saw two large semi-trailers waiting in line to be
called for their back-to-back transfer of their goods. The girl soldier
at the entrance told us that we were not allowed to be there since the
area is a closed military zone. She said it is very dangerous and there
could be shooting, she said: "You never know from where it originates"
From the Ofer Encampment? The entrance to the Ofer prison has been
beautified; a bus with prisoners was just about to enter.

the freezing cold at the Ramot Road CP there were no waiting cars. The
soldier probably too was too cold to bother stopping and checking the
very few approaching vehicles. We wondered whether the visit of
President Bush has already influenced the traffic flow from Ramallah.

our way North we had taken the route via the Nusseibeh neighborhood of
Bet Haninah on the way back we drove on the Western side of the wall
and found the gate near the Aram CP wide open.