Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Wed 19.12.07, Afternoon

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Sharon L. Racheli B. (reorting) and a guest: Henrietta, a reporter from Denmark

 Natanya translating.

At Huwwara village all the shops are closed except for the butcheries and general dealers. The first day of the holiday, Id el Adha.

14.50- Little movement of cars and people. Israeli cars trying to enter Nablus are turned back.  The families pass through all in holiday dress which looks new. The custom is to visit the women of the family. Sisters, aunts, daughters. The children who sell coffee also come through with their parents.  All smiles. But in spite of that and maybe because of the contrast of the holiday atmosphere the expressions of insult and anger are very strong.

    There are also people who are working.  The taxi drivers and M. who has three children and one on the way. There is not enough money they say as we have bought new clothes for the holiday.
Everyone is sad and angry.

A. the commander speaks to us in a friendly fashion and also speaks politely to the Palestinians. It seems he is one of the few who remembers that he is speaking to human beings. Parents with their 28 year old son leave Nablus for their home but he has forgotten his ID at home and does not remember the number. The father speaks to the commander who makes every effort to identify the young man and help them go on their way home. It is amazing how an action which is so obvious becomes a major humanitarian gesture.

16.20 We leave and 2 minutes away at the entrance to Huwwara is a checkpoint which was not there before. 8 cars. Why not? In honour of the holiday.

16.35 Za'tara ...27 cars wait in a long line.