'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Eyal, Irtah, Jubara (Kafriat), Sun 20.1.08, Morning

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leah S., Rachel . (reporting)

7:00 Eyal

came to this checkpoint in order to get the signature of a man blackballed by
the GSS/Police and to find out the reason for the prevention. We waited for
about thirty minutes in which many workers passed without any delays.

7:35 Irtah

movement here is also quick, although one worker told us that he had been
waiting at the checkpoint since 4:30 and passed only a half an hour ago and
"how can you get a job at this hour?". We haven’t seen anybody on
Tulakarm's side of the checkpoint. The busses driving prisoners' families were
waiting at the parking lot and few women were seen getting out of the checking

7:45 Jubara

was no line. Cars were stopped and passed quickly. We were permitted to pass immediately.

7:50 Ar-Ras

a line of five vehicles coming from Tulkarm direction. A truck that had tried
to bypass the line was moved back to the end of the line. The soldiers are friendly
familiar people passing the checkpoint.

8:10 Anabta

a line of four cars coming from south, some of them belonging to Israeli Arabs.
The soldiers stop the drivers and talk to them but don’t always check IDs. The line
coming from north is extremely long and we couldn't see its end. While returning
from Beit Iba at 9:30, we saw a very long line blocking the way at the
intersection with road 557. We didn’t stop to find out the reason for this
because we were in a hurry.