Reihan, Shaked, Sun 13.1.08, Morning

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Ruthy T., Hannah H. Yocheved J. (reporting)
Translation: Devorah K.

06:00 Reihan CP
Leaving for work. "The world of the occupation" operates as usual. People are put into the rooms (where there is no place to sit) and nobody knows when they will be able to leave. One of the seamstresses complains as to why, to go to work, she has to get up at 05:00 in order to get to the CP and leave it only at 07:00!
In the parking lot, 13 pickup trucks loaded with goods are waiting. A. says that the Dothan CP is "OK".

Shaked CP 07:00
Thin traffic. It is very cold. The children arrive a little later and go through as a group. They rush through without having their schoolbags inspected (it seems that the soldiers are cold, too). Only those coming from the West Bank to the seamline zone enter the inspection pavilion. Ruthy takes a picture and a soldier stops in his tracks and announces that you are not allowed to take pictures in the CP!

07:45 - Old Barta'a CP
Two herds of goats go through along with five donkeys and a few people.

08:14 We returned to Reihan
Four of the first pickup trucks have still not emerged from the inspection. 
At 8:30 there was suddenly panic at the CP. Everything was closed. The drivers were sent away. All the workers left and the gatesinfo-icon were locked. It is not clear why ..
After a quarter of an hour everything is back to normal.
08:45 The first pickup trucks loaded with goods leave (almost two hours after they entered).
09:05 - A new collection of trucks enters: three pickup trucks with goods and one with sheep. There are nine pickup trucks waiting to be inspected and we leave.