Azzun, Jubara (Kafriat), Qalqiliya, Mon 21.1.08, Morning

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Nina S., Roni Sh. (reporter) Translator: Orna B.

6:30 Ras Atia
The gate opened before 6:30 am by reserve soldiers who are very polite. Fast passage of workmen, therefore there is no queue. There are still no pupils. The road block commander warns us not to enter the village because yesterday there had been some shooting between two clans. One very supportive soldier is interested to hear about Machsomwatch.

7:00 Eliyahu Passage
A queue of about 40 workmen waiting to enter Israel. The inspection is fast. No queue of cars.

7:15: Qalqiliya

Here too there are reserve soldiers and everything flows calmly. No queues either at the entrance or the exit.

7:20: At the entrance to Azzun stands a hammer with soldiers inside, but the road is open for free passage. On our way to Beit Iba on Route 55 we saw no blockages.

9:30 Anabta
During the time we stayed in Beit Iba several taxi drivers told us of very long queues in Anabta lately, and indeed when we got there we had reports of dozens , (hundreds) of cars waiting in a queue yesterday afternoon and evening, a queue that was not moving, and the soldiers were very nervous. This morning though while we were there, there was no queue at the entrance to Tulkarm in spite of the fact that a soldier peeped into every car. At the exit there are about 8 cars. They go through rapidly because some cars are not inspected, and a soldier only peeps into some of the others.

9:40 We leave.

9:50 The Figs Passage (Jubara)
No problems.
The Flowers Gate. About 7 illegals are waiting for the past few hours, according to them, The soldiers claim that it is not true and they are being checked on the computer. It is very cold there, and it is very unpleasant to wait without any shelter. We see a family with women and children and parcels moving slowly through the road block.

10:00 Ar-ras
No queues. A dog trainer and her dog check a cab very rapidly and return to the shelter of the concrete road block. From the direction of Qalqiliya there ano inspections at all. From the direction of Tulkarm - speedy inspections. Cars and pedestrians are crossing to Jubara.

!0:20 We leave.