Al Nashshash, Etzion DCL, Mon 17.12.07, Morning

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Haya A., Idit S., Ada G. (reporting)

Road No 60, Neve Yunis, Etzion DCL 


Hussan :  at the entry to Hussan there are military jeeps, hummers, and also an ambulance coming out of the village.   We don’t have information about any particular activity. 

07.50 Nashash :   a very large number of vehicle traffic and a few people ask us for help with dealing with the police burocracy.

08.30  Beit Omer :   People ask for us to help them to deal with police documents. 

09.10  Neve Yunis  :   lively vehicle traffic;  a bulldozer is working a few tens of meters form road No 60.   According to the Palestinians, a gas station is being built there. 

09.30  Etzion DCL  :   almost empty and there are no vehicles in the parking area.   Six Palestinians have been waiting for the GSS since early  morning.   When will they come ?   No-one knows.    A Palestinian comes out of the DCL, happy that he has received a magnetic card, with Sylvia’s help – many thanks and praises to her for this.   Another Palestinian came out very frustrated : he has a valid work permit, but at the checkpoint he is directed to the Etzion DCL and there they sent him to the Hebron DCL.   No-one tells him why he was refused passage.  Another man is sent back from the Allenby bridge on his way out of Israel.   He is on the GSS “denied” list and for the last two months he has been going in and out of the GSS offices, without success. 

      People come to ask for health permits and are sent to the Palestinian civil coordination office in Bethlehem.   They are not acquainted with the  relatively new procedure and are upset by the disappointment and run- around that they are experiencing.   A few young men come out – they  have received magnetic cards.