Al Nashshash, Etzion DCL, Mon 31.12.07, Morning

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Haya O., Eda G. (reporting)

Road 60, Beit Anum, DCL Ezion 


7:30- Hussan-No activity. 

8:00 Nashnash--Few people came to arrange their documents. 

8:15 Beit Omar--People over there also came to us, asking for help with various police problems, mostly problems getting their criminal record earased.  

8:45 Beit Anun--On the road leading inside was a military jeep and soldiers who were having their breakfast. People told us that there were a lot of soldiers at Halhul, there was no passage for vehicles from Halahul to Hebron. Everything is "crap",  they said.  

9:15 Nabi Unis--This is where out "main office" is. People come to us with various problems and requests, we help them as much as we can. On our way back we saw two Hummers near Beit Omar, they were parked by the side of the road. Apart for that there were many military vehicles on road number 60. 

10:15- 10:45 DCL Ezyon--About 10 men were waiting. They were summoned to the GSS. No one was waiting to see the policeman. One family was waiting for a medical permit. Apart for that it was a quiet day at the DCL.