Al Nashshash, Etzion DCL, Mon 10.12.07, Morning

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Haya A. and Ada G. (reporting)

Road 60, Nebi-Yunes & Ezyon DCL  

07.30 Hussan--We discussed with two people problems concerning their relations with the police. 

08.00  Nashash--We returned documents to one man.

08.15 Beit omar--Several people applied to us for help with different problems they have with the police.


Nebi Yunes
As usual, the longest “stop”.   Most request for help were on police subjects. 

Ezyon DCL

A few people are waiting in the hall.   About five men who were sumoned to the GSS were waiting since 9:00 am; they are still there at the time we leave, at about 1200.  

Three men have come to the police window and are waiting for the policeman.   Generally he does not answer telephone calls but he answers ours and comes to the rear gate to clarify and explain the complexity of the problem;  the case was solved, partially at least.   Predicably, the computer does not work.   It is connected, according to him, to other two systems : one of the police and the second remains obscure.   He shows us his great output: he processed six new vouchers for one man, this took him three hours.  

We also succeeded to help a lady from Bethlehem who could not get an answer from the policeman during a fortnight;  we made contact between her and them.  

Often the policeman does not answer telephone calls as he does not come to his office everyday and when he does he does not stay there all day long;  to find him is a matter of luck.