Hamra, Tayasir, Wed 23.1.08, Afternoon

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Anina and Yehudit
Translation: Y. Bassis-Student
13:30 - Hamara
Scattered drops increase into a heavy rain.
The concrete blocks were painted with brown and yellow triangles.
The checkpoint is covered by a huge sign:"Knights of evil"
Seven cars line up from the east and go through swiftly (in the direction of the West Bank). On the opposite side there are 4 trucks, they also go by us fast.
Two people are at the detaineesinfo-icon shed. By the time we came over to inquire as to why, they were freed and ran to the car waiting for them.

14:30 - Tayasir
Four cars go through from the direction of Tayasir, inspection is swift and they are on their way to the Jordan valley.

- One of the military commanding personnel comes over to ask what we are doing there and to ensure our safety. :"You know what you have to do and you know what we need to do...." . Having said that, he leaves.
He is followed by a Second Lieutenant who introduces himself as  the DCO commander whose job is to ensure that Palestinians' rights are not violated. He shows us a folder and a checklist of things he has to inspect. He mostly emphasizes the treatment of Palestinians. When we suggest he talks to Palestinians he replies that he already has.
Bassem, the taxi driver  who has joins us, says that today everything is fine but two days ago things were bad and Talleb (a cab driver) had reported that to on of MachsomWatch women.