Reihan, Shaked, Sun 3.2.08, Morning

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Ruthy T. and Hannah H.
Translation: Devorah K.

Reihan CP - 06:00
The CP opened at 05:40.
Men and women emerge with no special delays. There is no pressure at the gatesinfo-icon but inside the terminal there is a lot of noise and the sounds of a loud public address system. The young men and the women who come out report that they had to stay in the inspection rooms for half an hour.
06:20 - in the lower parking lot ten pickup trucks loaded with goods are already waiting and members of the blue (civilian) police force are walking around in the area. Many workers arrive and all of them go through the gate but there is a queue in front of the terminal.
Four passenger cars on their way to the seamline zone are inspected in the shed for more than 30 minutes.

Shaked CP - 06:58
The gate is open and people are going through the inspection rooms in both directions . More than 20 people are waiting to go through to the seamline zone. But suddenly we notice that a few people are sent back. It turns out that in recent days, some of the workers did not go through the Shaked CP, their permits were taken away and they were sent to the DCO at Salem.
07:10 The children are beginning to arrive and they go through immediately in groups.

Old Barta'a (agricultural) - 07:30
The gate is open and the passage of workers, teachers and herds of sheep is regular, orderly and quiet. The inspection of the shepherds' documents is more meticulous than that of the documents of the other workers. The soldiers conduct the inspection of the permits from inside the vehicle.

Reihan CP - 07:50
The passage of vehicles from the seamline zone to the West Bank is slow. There is a long queue that disappears only at 08:10.
A pickup truck with goods on its way to the West Bank is detained at the roundabout in the CP and afterwards is sent for inspection inside the closed compound in the vehicle CP. Four cars that are on the way to the seamline zone are inspected in the shed for 30 minutes; one is held for an additional ten minutes.  
The first four pickup trucks, which entered for inspection in the closed compound at 07:00, are now released at 08:30. The passage of pedestrians is steady in both directions and there is no crowding.