'Anabta, Beit Iba, Jit, Jubara (Kafriat), Tue 29.1.08, Afternoon

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Amit Y., Miriam S. Natanya translating.

 13.25   Driving rain and bitter cold. Jubara (Date) checkpoint.Only wet soldiers at the childrens' gate. A-Ras heavy rain and about 5 cars. Amit goes to see if there are detaineesinfo-icon and immediately the horrible lady Rika appears waving the instructions of the ladies in blue and persuades the soldiers to call in the police, threatening and swearing.  There is an alert which is not specific and so  checking is slow. A driver who dares to speak to us is punished by being inspected twice.  

13.57 'Anabta. A truck loaded with flour is detained because the permit is not known to the soldiers. 15 cars wait at the exit and the traffic passes. We inform the center about the truck.

14.20 Beit Iba. there is a  A rolling checkpoint because of the alert. Segregatiom: only residents of Tulkarm can pass. There is a long line of cars from Beit Iba. A driver from Burka is stuck and there is no way whatsoever for him to get home. We speak to the center and while doing so a policeman comes up barking at us that he is the boss here and "get into your car and get the hell out of here".

14.20 Beit Lid. Terrible rains and rivers of water on the road so that one can hardly get to the checkpoint. The lane of the pedestrians is like a river. The soldiers try toput up something higher but the passage is very difficult and it is good that there are not many people there. Also at the exit and  checking is to the point and fast. Yoni, the commander and the DCO representative try to alleviate the situation and answer our questions.

15.35 We leave in the pouring rain and go to Beit Lid to the end of the line. Although the DCO says that the line has been freed there are still many cars. The center says the truck with the flour has gone through.

15.50 Jit ….no checkpoint.  .