'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), Qalqiliya, Wed 13.2.08, Morning

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Rina Z. Inbal R.,Natanya translating

7.00 Lower Jubara on the border of Israel.
The soldiers do not allow us to pass with Nadim saying that Israeli Arabs are not allowed to enter the village because they may pose as members of Machsomwatch. Other than that  the soldiers are very pleasant and our brains must have been asleep as we did not see how absurd this way. The closureinfo-icon on the villages of the envelope area are supposed to stop Palestinians going into Israel and so there is no reason to stop an Israeli Arab coming from the area of Israel from going into an area from which he can get to Israel In the end we woke up rather annoyed and went in.

7.20 Ar-Ras (southern exit of Tulkarm).
 A routine check with no special limitations and residents of Jenin can also exit.

7.50 Anabta (the eastern exit of Tulkarm).
Little movment. Here men under 35 from Jenin cannot exit. A rhetorical question. Why is this exit different from all other exits.

A telephone call informs us and this in addition to the evidence of a taxi driver says that some of the villages north of the city which includes Ilar, Atil, Zeida and Dir Raston are in an inside enclosure and it seems that here to it depends on the age of the person exiting.
9.30 Azzun
The centre which is the connecting link between the village and the main road of the area is closed to cars in a very definite manner. On the circle is a heap of stones and dirt, higher than a human being. Also there are very long rolls of barbed wire and there are also some soldiers. They said that they were not there so as to interfere with people going through. And we saw a young man who got out of a car next to them walking along the length of the wire, going into the mud, finding a place to get through and over the mounds of dirt enters Azzun. It seems that the road is open to anyone who is in good shape and does not fear the dirt….that is children and young men.
  What is strange is that the soldiers say that the road is closed because on Saturday evening some young men from Azzun threw stones and Molotov cocktails  on cars on the main road and two Israelis were hurt. So once again we come up against a puzzle. Why is the way to the road open only to the young amongst whom are the hotheads and the violent? On the road we ssee a Hummer in the village.

Dir Menara is open and also the exit from Izbit tabit.

10.00 Qalqiliya

Few cars and the soldiers are polite. A unit goes past on their way to an action in the city. Cars are checked with dogs. A young disturbed Palestinians stand very close to the checkpoint. He asks us how he can start up with Israeli girls. He tells us in a loud voice so that the soldiers hear how he wiped off the fence at the his home the brains of his cousin who had been shot by the army. In the meantime he sends yearning glances at the blonde  tough dogtrainer.