'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), Mon 18.2.08, Afternoon

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Yonah A., Bilha R., and Elisheva (reporter) Translator: Orna B.

14:00 We found the iron gate locked. Even before approaching to report our arrival, the checkpoint commander came towards us and explained that they were asking all those who enter to report on their intention to go through and than the gate will be opened instantly.
The change of shifts delays the passage of vehicle only slightly. Those going through and entering are known. No pressure. The soldiers are relaxed.
14:45 At the junction there are 4 empty buses, belonging to a Palestinian company.A cab driver says they are waiting for prisoners' visitors.
Apartness at Jenin and its surroundings
At the exit from Tulkarm there is a queue of vehicles, the end of which cannot be seen. We marked the last visible lorry. The inspecting soldier is not really concentrating on the job at hand: " I signaled to him to go through and he did not want to - what can I do?" he said to me when I commented on the situation.
There is a 10 minutes delay because of a yellow semitrailer lorry with a yellow number plate, which overtook the whole queue. He had gone through in the morning and was asked to leave his identity card, and he thought he would not need to stand in the queue to redeem it. A traffic delay for the sake of an argument. The checkpoint commander did not see fit to direct the vehicle to the right so that in the meantime the traffic could flow. Lieutenant-colonel Sh., the brigade's operations officer thinks that ours is a good idea but that in order to execute it one would need an 'Operational Request'!! and also one needs to leave a lane for the dozens of ambulances passing every minute.
As the conversation progressed we understood that the situation is "close to the crown" and indeed that is what it looked like this morning, Tuesday 19th February  from the report that Naomi received.
The marked lorry passed after 45 minutes.