'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Qalqiliya, Tue 29.1.08, Morning

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Nava M, Nadim K, Chana A (reporting) Or H (student), Erez (guest)

07:26 Qalqiliya
Fourteen cars in line to leave the town. We timed them at eight minutes per car from the moment of arriving in line, through inspection and departure.

When we arrive, there is no line waiting to enter, but when we leave at 07:32 there are already 12 cars. The soldiers, reservists, order Erez not to photograph. We explain to them that there is no rule against photographs at a checkpoint.

09:05 Anabta
A line of eight cars in the direction of Tulkarm. Checking is fast. Conversely, a line – not moving -- of at least 20 in the opposite direction when we arrive. Within a minute or two they begin to process cars in that direction too.

Piercing rain and howling wind. For the drivers coming out of Tulkarm, and forced to get out of their cars in order to extend their documents to the soldier huddled in the checking station, there is no shelter from the weather. Since we also did not have anywhere to stand and stay dry, we left after a very short while.

We try to contact the Humanitarian Centre to report on the situation at Anabta. Reception is poor and the conversation is cut off.

09:25 A-Ras
From a vantage point on Route 557, seems there are no vehicles at the checkpoint.