Beit Iba, Jit, Shave Shomron, Thu 6.3.08, Morning

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Frances T., Roni Sh., Osnat R. (reporting) Julia T. (guest),

 Translation: Galia S. 

Azzun 07:45 – The exit from Izbat at Tabib is open.


The main exit is locked tight. It's no longer a temporary lock that can be easily removed. We have talked to Abed from Azzun, whose phone number we got from Micky. He says that in the last three days a curfew has been in effect. Everything is closed: the municipality, shops, schools and also three rural roads.


08:15 – Jit junction is open.


Shave Shomron. 08:25 – The whole area is blocked and deserted as usual.


Beit Iba. 08:30 – Passers-by say that it's calmer today. Yesterday young people from Tulkarm and Jenin were not allowed to pass, but there is no problem today (in spite of the "apartness" in Jenin?) [Apartness is a ban that stops residents of a particular West Bank area from traveling to another].


There are 4 vehicles at the entrance. Pedestrians are checked randomly, mostly young people. However, when a young man is detained, the passage stops until his check is completed.


About 8 vehicles are at the exit. Complete inspection, including ID cards and cargo.


09:00 – Less than 10 people are in line on the way out.


09:15 – Neither at the entrance not at the exit is there any line of pedestrians.


The checkpoint commander, Y., and one of his soldiers (religious) struck up a conversation with Roni and Frances, who had the feeling that on one hand, the soldiers think they do very important work, but on the other hand, they are not absolutely convinced that the checkpoints are necessary.