'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Mon 25.2.08, Afternoon

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Bilha R., Yona A., Tsiyona Sh. (reporting) Translation: Galia S.

The restrictions continue. The exit from Tulkarm southwards is forbidden for residents of Tulkarm and Jenin aged 18-35. The woman dog trainer cannot understand why the drivers react with such undisguised fury or with retrained anger to the dog "exploring" inside their cars.

14:00 – The traffic is thin. Vehicles that leave Tulkarm are subject to the dog's thorough search inside their vehicle. Two young men carry a car gearbox in their vehicle. The dog trainer sends the dog to search in the car. Then their documents are taken for inspection. When it turns out they are carrying a gearbox, the soldiers wonder whether they should call the police, but finally, following a check on the phone, they let them go.
A taxi loaded with four women and two young men leaves Tulkarm. The passengers are told to get out of the taxi and the dog trainer leads the dog to it but the driver, an elderly, white-haired man, refuses to let the dog enter his cab. The checkpoint commander tries to convince him to let them take the dog in. the driver, his anger restrained, removes the back seats, unfolds their wooden support and the dog gets into the back part of the car. The man grumbles furiously 'You talk about peace but you don't want peace'. The front seat cannot be dismantled and the driver insists that the dog should not get in. it must be said to the checkpoint commander's credit that he backs down and makes do with opening the glove compartment and searching through the papers. The driver puts back the wooden support and places the seats on it.
The whole story takes almost half an hour. In the end, the driver says "they say the Arabs are terrorists but they themselves are ones, and you just look on and say nothing'.
The passengers get back into the taxi. The eyes of the young men flashing in fury in spite of the fact that the soldiers are relatively civil. But the reality is impossible.
We ask ourselves whether all this contributes anything to the security of the state of Israel. The driver's words and the young men's eyes prove that it only contributes to feelings of hatred and revenge.


In both directions the traffic is streaming. The entrance is free also for vehicles with Israeli licence plates. No restrictions.