'Anabta, Azzun, Jit, Jubara (Kafriat), Qalqiliya, Mon 25.2.08, Morning

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Osnat R., Roni Sh. (reporting) Translation: Galia S.

Eliyahu Passage
06:35 – There is a line of about 40 Palestinians waiting without any shelter. The inspection is thorough and includes lifting shirts, opening bags and, of course, checking documents (it is an entry to Israel). The inspection is very slow.
Eight cars are waiting to enter Israel in a line separate from that of the settlers who pass swiftly.

Qalqiliya 06:45
Two cars are at the entrance to Qalqiliya and eight at the exit.
There are no restrictions.
Pedestrians who leave the city are not checked. A bus is detained at the exit for a few minutes while the documents of a young man who has been asked to get off is checked. A taxi is also checked more thoroughly including engine and trunk but it is all done quickly and politely.
Most of the cars, both at the entrance and at the exit, are not checked except for Israeli cars that are checked according to a list.

07:05 – The way out of Azzun near the garage through Izbit Tabib is open for car traffic.
We see schoolchildren pass below the bridge in the direction of Azzun. The main exit from Azzun (which is also the main entrance) is closed tight by an earth rampart. A Hummer is parked near it.

07:20 – Jit junction is open.

Anabta 09:15
The checkpoint is empty. There are no inspections. Most of the cars slow down at the entrance and continue of their way.
A jeep is parked next to the pillbox. Two civilians are inside the jeep and we are asked not to move on and not to stand near it. It turns out some kind of questioning is taking place in there. A taxi that arrives from the direction of Tulkarm is sent to stand aside and one of its passengers is sent to the jeep for questioning. After the taxi there is a pick-up truck and another taxi. The pick-up truck driver is asked to get out of the truck, take off his coat and wait by the side of the road. A passenger from the other taxi is asked to do the same. The questioning of each of them takes no more than 5 minutes and when it ends they are sent to go on their way. Except for these checks, cars that leave Tulkarm are not checked. Taxi drivers say that there is no "apartness" [a ban that stops residents of a particular West Bank area from traveling to another].

Jubara 10:00
The checkpoint commander opens the gate for us without any problems.

Apartness has been imposed on Jenin residents, according to the checkpoint commander here, but the residents of Tulkarm and Qalqiliya pass freely. He says that the residents of Jenin know about it and very few of them get to the checkpoint. He hopes that the apartness will be lifted tomorrow.

10:20 – We leave.