'Anabta, Azzun, Jubara (Kafriat), Qalqiliya, Wed 5.3.08, Morning

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Inbal R., Rina Z. (reporter) Translator: Orna B.

The problem of the key to the Jubara gate has not been resolved. We could not enter the village and did not reach the Ar-ras checkpoint, and the checkpoint at the entrance to the village gate 753.
At the Anabta checkpoint it seemed that the soldiers slowed the inspections especially for us, and created queues.
The main entrance to Azzun is still blocked.
There was no blockage at the entrance to the village Lakiff.

Jubara- 7.00 am
The entrance gate to the village is locked. The checkpoint commander says that the company commander wants us to get his authorisation each time we want to go through. Apart from that the key has been taken by the patrol people who will be back in an hour. We reported to Elisheva. We could not wait, and thus we were prevented from reaching gate 753 (the children's gate), and Ar-ras checkpoint ( Farm 8), where last week there had been a terrible jam. Is the regional commander trying to stop us from entering Jubara and its nearby checkpoints?
Anabta (Einav) 7:20-7:40
When we got there, there were no queues on both sides. Only two soldiers were at the checkposts and inspected the traffic on both sides. Where were the rest of the soldiers?
We noticed that after we got there, long queues started to form, and the inspections slowed down., especially by the soldier who inspected vehicles entering Tulkarm, which normally are not inspected. So we said goodbye and observed from a distance , and indeed - the rhythm of entry and exit of all vehicles increased significantly.
Lakiff Village - the entrance to the village is open.
Azzun -
The main entrance to the village from Route 55 has been completely blocked, for over a month, by a large earth mound and a barbed wire. When we passed there the usual military vehicle was not standing there. The western entrance (the entrance to Izvit Tabib) is open. We saw that the road blocks have been removed on the internal road, parallel to Route 55, but we saw no Palestinian vehicle using it (perhaps just by chance). A military jeep stands in the middle of this road.
In a conversation held with Major- General Mishlav, the territories' action co-ordinator, at Beit Iba checkpoint, we raised the issue of the threat to demolish the children's playground in Azzun. The head of the Civilian Administration, (who accompanied him), said that it was "only" a demolition notice, and that there was no intention of actually doing it in the near future. (Is their purpose to use this as a  threat against the inhabitants of Azzun, especially the children)?
Qalqiliya - 11:10 - 11:15
The parking lot next to the checkpoint is full of Israeli vehicles, and this shows that that there are Israelis entering the town, in spite of the fact that their vehicles cannot pass through ( into Tulkarm for example). Is this a form of collective punishment to the population of Qalqiliya? surely it hurts their economy badly.
There are no queues on both sides. Swift inspections. Mainly vehicles with Israeli number plates are inspected, to see if they have permits to enter the town.