Reihan, Shaked, Wed 5.3.08, Morning

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Vivienne, Nava

08:00 Shaked (Tura) Checkpoint

The herd of goats crossed with no problems.
A vehicle coming from the Seam Zone is checked thoroughly for 15 minutes by two soldiers. The third soldier is reading Psalms in the emplacement.
The driver was in a rush for a meeting and when he realized that the inspection would take a long time, he drove back the way he came in order to pass at Reihan Checkpoint.
The driver of the next car told us that the soldiers check so thoroughly (he was on his way to the West Bank) that it sometimes takes half an hour until they can continue on their way.

08:45 Reihan (Bartaa) Checkpoint

The checkpoint is almost empty. Apart from two pickup trucks being examined at the vehicle checkpoint, there's nothing waiting with agricultural produce.
Only as we are about to leave, two more trucks arrive with vegetables, and one with eggs.
In the parking lot, bored drivers mill around and wait for clients.[