'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Mon 25.2.08, Morning

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Neta G. and Anna N. S.
Translation: Devorah K.

06:00 A'anin CP
The gatesinfo-icon are open. The soldiers are inspecting people in the center of the CP (on the slope). The place is at some distance from us and we learn about what is happening from reports of the workers.
06:15 - Five people have gone through.
06:30 - Until now only ten people have gone through. A young man whose permit of passage has been taken away from him, stands at the side. At the bottom [of the hill] about 70 people are waiting.
The soldiers write down the names of those going out and check their personal details on the thier list. People are no longer given a serial number. The tempo is so slow that it makes everybody angry. 
A man tells us that last Thursday, the passage lasted until 10:30 (on that day they reported that it was especially slow). He went out with his wife and another friend on a tractor to cut some twigs in a pine woods of the Jewish National Fund, about one kilometer from the CP, in the seamline zone. Policemen who passed by claimed that he was chopping branches with an electric saw - which was not in the area at all. Even though he showed them that all they had were dry twigs, they wrote a complaint and took him to Salem Camp for interrogation. He was released on bail of NIS 1200. In order to pay the bail he had to sell a sheep.
07:00 About 30 men and women are waiting in the center of the CP. The soldiers lock the lower gate on the side of the village of A'anin.
07:10 We leave.

07:20 Shaked-Tura CP
Traffic is relatively thin. Pupils go through hastily from the seamline zone to the West Bank. On the other side, workers are arriving, and on their way they go through the inspection pavilion.

07:35 Reihan-Barta'a CP
A few drivers are waiting for a few passengers. In the Palestinian parking lot there are fewer pickup trucks and private cars than usual. People - especially the young ones - complain about the long wait in sealed rooms. Walid asks us to get him a permit to go to Barta'a. There he will be able to make more money. He also wants to look for a bride there. He has given up on the idea of going to school. In his opinion, education would be of no use to him. In addition to his twelve-year-old brother, Sa'id, who is still studying, he has a thirteen-year-old brother who has nothing to do either.
We meet A. who came from Kafin to Barta'a. The second time we meet him is an hour and a half later when he leaves the terminal.
A group of eight inspectors (men and women), from the Ministry of Education in Jenin, enter the terminal and we decide to go up the sleeveinfo-icon and wait to see them when they leave in the direction of the seamline zone.
08:15. As we go toward the sleeve, we again meet Z., who is in despair. He is a taxi driver who is detained at the CP for an hour or more on every trip he makes to Ya'abed. He waits in vain for an hour until they tell him that he is summoned to the General Security Service at Salem for a talk. He is not sure whether or not he should go. In the past he was arrested and released only after 14 days even though he was not accuse of anything.
After a 15 minutes people begin to leave the terminal; all of them, especially the younger ones, look angry and upset because of the insult of having to spend so much time in the inspection rooms. Then the biology inspector comes out; her colleagues are still inside the terminal. This group of inspectors comes to the schools in East Barta'a every few weeks. A bit later a man comes out and tells her that the inspectors have decided to do without the humiliation in the rooms, and are going back to Jenin. She turns around and goes back to the terminal.
09:25. We leave.