Makkabim (Beit Sira), Thu 7.2.08, Morning

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Tamar B. and Anat S. (reporting). Translation: Devorah K.
05:00 - 06:15
05:00 - we arrived at the CP. It is freezing cold - freezing to the bone. There is one woman soldier doing the inspection. She is standing high above the people on the concrete block. The inspection is slow, the soldiers are getting organized very slowly. An additional soldier begins to inspect documents. The shed is empty of workers. They are standing outside, and under the shed, which is about ten meters long, there stands, alone in its glory, the magnometer.
We time the passage and it takes 45 minutes.
The soldiers try not to pay any attention to us. Apparently there are instructions to make us transparent. We suddenly remembered that we came to the CP to make sure that the soldiers and the Palestinians at the CP would not be transparent. And in that we have succeeded.
About 600 workers go through this CP every morning.