Reihan, Shaked, Sun 16.3.08, Morning

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Yocheved J. and Hannah H. (reporting)
Translation: Devorah K.
Reihan CP - 06:05
The CP opened at 05:30 and many workers have already arrived in the upper parking lot. In front of the terminal there is no crowding, but from the disorder and the noise that is heard from inside the terminal it appears that there is a lot of crowding in the inspection rooms. All those who emerge from the terminal complain about the long stay in the rooms. There are three rooms into which people are sent in groups of eight; they pass from room to room, and in the third all the personal effects are inspected. The long stay causes a delay of at least an hour before they can get to work. There is also a fourth room into which 'specially selected' people are sent for a bodily inspection. All of them ask that the procedures be like those at the Taibe CP, where there are no rooms and rumor has it that 200 people can go through in 10 minutes, with only 5% of them detained for inspection. Here, on the other hand, all those who yet have no white hair are detained for inspection in the rooms. The older people are rarely detained . In the lower parking lot, 13 pickup trucks with goods are already  waiting for inspection; some of them have arrived yesterday.

Shaked CP - 07:10
Today the passage in both directions is quick for both cars and pedestrians. On the West Bank side , about 20 people are now waiting. The little children and the older pupils go through to school in groups without any inspection. We are told that on Thursday, workers came to the CP as early as 03:30 in the morning, but the army dispersed them, and, according to the lists that they have prepared, soldiers also came to their houses, on the pretext that the CP is a closed military area and civilians are not allowed to be in it. Those going through claim that it is important to them to get there so early in order to 'grab' a place in the queue, because there are days when the passage is very slow and they get to work late.

Old Barta'a CP - 07:40
Again we found the gate closed and there were no people here. Is agriculture over in this district? Are there problems with permits?

Reihan CP 07:50
Taxis and a bus from Barta'a go through the vehicle CP to the West Bank - some of the passengers go through the terminal ("it's faster that way") and some, especially women with children, wait in the vehicle CP (apparently because then they do not have far to walk).
The first four pickup trucks go in for inspection at 07:00 and they continue to Barta'a at 08:10. At this time there is no crowding and the passage of people and cars in both directions is managed in reasonable time.