Reihan, Shaked, Wed 19.3.08, Morning

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Chedva, Nava (reporting). Guest: Ma'ayan.

Translation:Yael Bassis-Student

11:00 - Reihan checkpoint

Two cabs wait for passengers at the upper car park area. According to the drivers it is a slow day.
At the terminal ,as it appears, there are no people waiting. This is true for the duration of our shift.
At the vehicle inspection post two pickup trucks loaded with groceries and eggs (en route from the west bank into the seam line zone) are being inspected.
A few pedestrians are seen at the entrance to the terminal on the Palestinian side and crossing over .
11:15 - The gate to the terminal is closed for an unknown reason. People wait patiently by the gate. Among them is a family returning from medical treatment in Jenin.
11:30 - The gate is still closed. At the DCO S. tells me that he'll look into it and that we should get back to him within 10 minutes.
11:45 - That same S. claims that he did look into that and "There was a drill and the gate was closed for 5 minutes. In another 5 minutes it should reopen".
According to my watch, it is already half an hour.
11:50 - The gate opens and people go through.
While waiting we spoke (in English) with a woman who returned from Jenin with her family. She said that in the morning she waited three hours to cross the gate. Despite her medical needs she rarely comes to the gate, once in every 5-6 months. She has no money for cabs and the waiting is long.
Her family abroad sends her money from time to time.

12:30 - Shaked-Tura checkpoint

A few children go through.
12:45- We left.