Beit Iba, Jit, Sun 16.3.08, Afternoon

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Ruti W.Z., Alix W. (reporting) Guest: Gilles

14:10 Jit Junction

Clear no checkpoint, for now

15:24 Beit Iba

 Approaching the checkpoint we are told that the people have been
waiting for 2 hours. We see that all the lines (the 2 turnstiles
and the Humanitarian line) are crowded and long. The soldiers are
in their regular form shouting, waving of hands and offending tone
of voice evident as usual.

A young man passes the through the turnstile and puts his large
package and case on the table to be checked, the soldier grumbles at
him to go back, he was not told he could pass. Then the soldier
sends him to the detainee area and takes his ID. I inquire as to
why he was put there; it looked to me as a punishment. I asked R.
the DCO to check it out, and he came back that he was being checked,
he was released within a few minutes.

The buses are being checked; the young men (under 35) are being
removed from the buses and sent to the end of the pedestrian queue
to be checked. One of the bus drivers tells us that the line from
Nablus is not too long.

There are many soldiers at the checkpoint, and several (at the
vehicle post) are standing around in small groups talking and
laughing and taking their time, of which they have plenty.

15:35 Jit Junction

Now there is a jeep at the junction and 5 vehicles are waiting
coming up from Beit Iba.__._,_.___