Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Thu 7.2.08, Afternoon

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Shosh B. Yehudiet L.

Natanya translated.

14.40 Marda ...the main gate is open but all the other openings are closed with rolls of barbed wire.

At Zeita the main gate is closed by large cement blocks.

At Za'tara/Tapuach  are a few cars from the west but from the north (Nablus, Huwwara) are about 45 cars. We phone A. at the centre who says he will try to speed things up.

At 14.53 the checkpoint of Burin/Yizhar is not manned and so too when we come back.

14.54 Huwwara
We see that the isolation cell is closed and green plastic covers the iron door, through which before we could see what was happening. A small hole in the plastic open a rather high and small window and we cannot see if anyone is inside. A soldier with drawn weapon stands before the locked door. Then he moves away and for a moment we can see a head of someone inside, but there is no one to ask what sin the detainee committed. After the we see R. of the DCO who for most of the time stood near the side line and only when we were leaving came close to us. When we asked why the man had been detained he said that there were security reason. We do not see the detainee after that and R. said he did not know what had happened to him. We did not see that he had been taken away and hoped that he had been freed (By the way if one tries to see what is happening in the isolation area through the room where women are checked this is impossible. And maybe someone is lying on the floor).

3 checking posts, the magnometer is squeaking, people come out with metal objects in their hands.
Today before they were checked they were told to stand away from the entrance and the woman soldier shouts continuously though  it is not clear why.

There is an X-RAY machine, a dog trainer in the car lane from Nablus.

Passengers wait outside the car and their IDs are checked and only after that are the passengers allowed back. We cannot see how many cars there are at the exit from Nablus but there is no pressure on those entering.

16.11 Beit Furik

When we arrive the commander tells us we have to stand at the red line and that is his decision. There and only there.
Click here to see a video of the event.
We see two lines of cars and there are hardly any cars or people in the shed and they pass through swiftly.

We can encountered the young man who is always detained and handed over his details to A.of the Association for Human Rights.

A resident of Beit Furik said that the hours of the opening of the checkpoint are not written down anywhere and it is impossible to know whether it opens at 5.00 or 5.30 and says that yesterday the checkpoint did not open in time. When we reported this to the centre B. says that when this happens they should be contacted immediately but the man had already left. We spoime to T. who said he would deal with this and we should follow it up


As far as the segregation is concerned.  B. says it is as yesterday, men of 16-35 from the north of the Shomron can not go south but he did not know from which checkpoints. T. said from all those leading south.

(We met a man from Jenin who had gone through Huwwara and was waiting for the lady friend who was from Ramallah. That is they had let him through but, we told him that he might be stopped at Huwwara. But this did not bother him.

17.26  Two Hummers park on the main road at the entrance to Beita.

Checkpoint Za'tara 5 cars and 3 checking points.  From the west 27 cars and one checking point.
Kif El Haris ... a jeep with lights flickering.