Dura-Al Fawwar Junction, South Hebron Hills, Susiya

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Nili Magid, Hagit B. (reporting and photographing); Translator: Charles K.

My previous shift was about a month ago; it had been tense, frightening and depressing.  Now, at least in our area, things have eased (we didn’t enter Hebron).


We visited Nassar Nawwaja'a in Susya – he was busy with the American Consul.  The residents of Susya must tell the Civil Administrationinfo-icon by Wednesday whether they’ll voluntarily move to the area of the school, or else…  The Consul listened to Nassar.  The meeting was lengthy; we drank coffee at ‘Azzam’s.  They were happy to see us.  We had a long talk with the Consul’s security staff.



Almost all the roadblocks have been removed.


Samu’a, Dahariyya, Deir Razah, Karameh, ‘Abda, Beit Haggai, Kvasim junction, Dura al Fawwar, Hazayit crossing, Bani Na’im west and east – are open.  So is the entrance to Yatta from Khirbet Tuwwani.  Very few military vehicles on the roads and much more Palestinian traffic, almost as before the latest uprising.


The almond trees haven’t blossomed yet.





A new mosque is being built at Zif junction and a new neighborhood at Beit Yattir….




Good luck trying to understand anything about this complicated reality.