'Awarta, Beit Furik, Burin (Yitzhar), Huwwara, Shomron Crossing, Za'tara (Tapuah)

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Esti V., Navah A., Translator: Judith Green


In spite of what we were told 2 weeks ago, today the soldiers at the Oranit checkpoint say that also on rainy days the gate next to section 1474 of the fence will not be opened.  Apparently, these are separate sections of the fence, and different army units are responsible for each section.


07:55  Oranit  

Gate 1447/1448.  The soldiers are present and busy with the gate, but they don't open it for the workers to go through.  When we ask, they said that the explosives scout hasn't arrived yet and they can't get permission to open it until he has completed his inspection.  The military police will clarify this and we also try at the DCO.


08:30  The bomb squad arrives, angry.  After the gate is opened, the military police explained to us that the bomb squad is relatively new in this location and, in his opinion, this section of the fence is not under his responsibility and for this reason he didn't do his job here earlier.


The workers go through quickly and go up to their fields in the waiting vehicles.


08:50 - the last of the workers go through, and the gate closes.  

Sha'ar Shomron:  traffic is flowing.  Crowding in the direction of Israel.


09:15:  Za'atra, Tapuah

The stations are not manned and traffic is flowing.  On the side of the checkpoint, the blue police is checking a van.


In the town of Huwarra, road work is continuing.  They are excavating and enlarging and it is hard to drive.


Yitzhar/Burin:  no military activity.


At the junction opposite the army units there are 2 soldiers behind the cement barriers.  As usual, settlers stop for hitch-hiking without pause.


Awarta:  In the direction of Nablus, the yellow arm is blocking the way;  in the direction of the village and the DCO, the road is open.  On the Madison route there is no military activity, also nothing opposite Itamar.


09:30:  Bet Furik.  The watchtower is manned.  No soldiers are on the road.  The soldier on the top of the tower is sure that we are Arab women, as he noticed that we are traveling in the direction of Nablus.


09:40:  Huwarra checkpoint is  not manned.  Hard to see if there is a soldier in the tower.


09:50:  Za'atra/Tapuah is not manned.  There are a lot of vehicles and  traffic goes slowly.


Sha'ar Shomron:  Traffic is flowing.