'Anata-Shu'afat, 'Isawiya (East Jerusalem)

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Shlomit S., Ora A.; Translator: Natanya


13.00 Many students walked briskly in the path which leads to the entrance of the refugee camp of Shuafat. We spoke to two female students and they said that the procedure of the passage which they went  today on their way to school took at hour. At the entrance to the checkpoint was no queue. A young man who arrived went straight through. We followed him and passed through quickly. We went past the room with the sign on  it “Dining room” and “Toilets” and underneath the sign with the information, “No entrance”.  At the  main road next  to the passage was a long line of car which moved slowly but v\were not delayed. 


At Isawiya not far from the passage, four soldiers stood with their rifles drawn next to three high school students. These were checked one after another. They had to lift their shirts and to expose their stomachs, to turn around and to expose the back. After that they had empty their schoolbags and put  everything on the ground. After the checking the three were freed and allowed on their way.