'Azzun, Eliyahu Crossing, Kufr Jammal

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Liora G.B., Shoshi I. (reporting), Maya B.H. (translation)

דוח להשתלה


11:20 Eliyahu CP

3 cars in the checking area.  No queue in either direction.

11:30  Azzun

We visit our friend, who reports that there are no problems these days, the army leaves them alone, and the locals don't throw stones.

Jamal village

We meet a young man who tells us that he has been working in Israel 5 years.  In May 2015 he did not renew his permit, to save the fee of 2500 NIS.  He entered without a permit, was caught and tried, serves 45 days in prison, with another 3 years on probation.

Ahmad Tubi, 17 years old, tried to pass the separation fence on his way to work, and was killed by 5 bullets.  A brutal murder.  His father had had a permit to work in Israel for 25 years, which was taken away last year without explanation, as ususal.  His children worked alongside him in Taybeh (which they reached through Falmiya CP), but on Monday, Ahmad decided to pass through the water pipes on the wall.  Even the permit-less have to make a living.

Z. had to go through hell until his son received a one year work permit to work in the family hyssop plot.  He says:  We are men of peace, causing no trouble.  He only wants a family, a home, a car, a peaceful life.  None of the family are involved in politics.  But at the DCO they were charged with fabrications.  Who invents them?  Why?

Falmiya CP, 914

Z. drives us in his 4-by-4.  The road is rough and bumpy, in preparation for its renovation, to be paid for by overseas donations.  On our way he points out the water pipe where Tubi was murdered in cold blood.

12:45  The gatesinfo-icon open on time.  A small number of tractors and cars pass.

We cannot access Falmiya South, 935, so we return to Jamal.  Over a cup of sweet tea we hear that the landowners are having no problems now, all have permits for the next 2 years, and their relative for a year.  They grow hyssop, the land is good, no water shortages.  Z. could earn a lot working in construction in Israel, but would have nothing to do with the humiliation of the CPs, for all the money in the world.