South Hebron Hills, Tarqumiya

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Michal (reporting); Translator: Charles K.

Southern Hebron Hills


We left a little late because Muhammad had things to do, so we didn’t enter Hebron today.

All the barriers and roadblocks to Hebron have been removed again.


We drove first to meet the father of the boy who was released yesterday from jail.

We met him at the entrance to his locality of residence to obtain the documents necessary for one of our members to go to the youth prison at Tel Mond to get the money that hadn’t been returned to him (there are volunteers whom we thank again).  On the way we received a phone call from someone who had been arrested under false pretenses by detectives, for no reason, and detained for a few hours, despite the work permit he showed them.  Fortunately, a woman working in her garden agreed to serve as a witness that he had done nothing wrong and she knows him, etc.  That helped him be released after a few hours but didn’t prevent the cancellation of his work permit. Why was it cancelled?  Maybe you know? He’s home now, has five children to feed and is in a difficult situation. So, with Sylvia’s help, I instructed him what to do.  Let’s hope that with Tamir Blank’s help his work permit will be returned as soon as possible.


We drove to the grocery in Tarqumiyya.  At the Shuyukh-Sa’ir junction the paintings of Israeli flags haven’t been erased from the concrete barriers blocking the entry to Shuyukh and Hebron.

There aren’t any barriers or checkpoints on Highway 35 either.

We returned via Highway 317.


There too, like everywhere else in this area, everything green and flowering and the air is clear and all is so beautiful.

At all the settlements along the way, Ma’on, Carmel, Susia, we see new neighborhoods.  Lovely homes hoisted on the hills, additions to each locality…