'Awarta, 'Azzun, Beit Furik, Eliyahu Crossing, Habla, Haris, Huwwara, Nabi Ilyas, Za'tara (Tapuah)

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Fathiya Akfa, Riva Bachrach, Nadim (driving); Translator: Louise Levi

13:45 Habla Agricultural Gate

The gate is open until 14:15. Both those who enter and those who exit through the gate are being checked. When I ask politely why they have to check people going towards the village the answer is: "You're really interfering with my job!" It's very hot waiting in the roofed area! We wonder what it will be like in the summer.

14:05 Eliyahu Gate – No special events.

At Nabi  Elias, a new road going north-east is planned for the settlers.

14:10 Azzun

14:20 Some soldiers and an army Jeep are posted at the permanent check post at the Jit junction.

14:35 Huwwara Checkpoint  A soldier with a gun doesn't let the cars cross at the checkpoint. They drive from Nablus through Awarta and on to Hawara.

14:40 Beit Purik A Jeep from the Security Service is parking at the entrance. An army Jeep arrives. Five soldiers get out of the vehicle and walk over to some cars waiting at the entrance, evidently to keep guard. They seem to be getting ready for some kind of action, maybe an active checkpoint towards 16:00.

There are soldiers and army vehicles at Awarta. The checkpoint is open.

15:00 Huwwara Checkpoint A Jeep is blocking the exit from Nablus towards Hawara. Maybe, the closed checkpoints and the cars waiting in line are due to the incident on Tiuesday when settlers entered Kever Yosef. (Fathiya's guess)

There's an exceptionally long line going north. You can exit Nablus only through Awarta. (This started two weeks ago.)

15:50 While we are having a cup of coffee, army Jeeps and three armored vehicles pass by in both directions!! An ambulance appears and soon another three ambulances pass by, two towards Nablus and one in the opposite direction.

16:00 Four soldiers are keeping watch opposite Beita. The traffic towards the Za'atra junction is heavy.

Za'atara Junction  There are many soldiers. Some of them are guarding the settlers at the bus stop. A military police car is driving in front of us.

16:10  There is an army checkpoint opposite the entrance to Za'atara (Kfar Yasuf). They check only Palestinian vehicles. We cross like the lords of the land!! There are police at the entrance to Kfar Yasuf as well.

Much tension can be felt throughout the day. But at least, it's good watching  the blooming almond trees along the way …

16:40 Haris Junction At the traffic lights, two soldiers are keeping watch at every bus stop. An army jeep is parking at the traffic light opposite Haras.