'Azzun, Ras 'Atiya

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Shoshi Inbar (photos), Liora Glatt-Berkovitz, Riki Shaked (reporting), Maya B.H. (translation)


Issla, 10am

We met the council head, who reported on various problems.
Gatesinfo-icon:  Hours are 07:45 - 08:00, and 15:15 - 15:30, but often they're not opened on time, with no advance notice.  If nobody is there, they close early. They sometimes close even when they see people approaching.  These hours leave a net workday of only 5 hours, but he has to pay for a full day.
Sheep:  Till 3 weeks ago the village’s 600 sheep could graze in Azzun lands across the fence. Now they no longer have permits for the sheep, and despite of the plentiful grass all around, they must be fed with purchased food.
Permits:  Some people with permits are denied passage, and some have permits that allow passage "despite of passage denial" (so say the permits). While we were there we recieved a phone call reporting that gate 746, which was supposed to open at 8am, was not.  Inquiry led to the answer that due to the weather, people didn't go out to work today. Tell it to those who waited at the gate 2 hours ... The DCO was aware of work that needed to be done, since we had pleaded for it for over 2 weeks.


Many Palestinian police around.  Apparently, to prevent striking teachers from joining the demonstrations in Ramallah.

Gate Ras Tira 1263

A seasonal gate, just for the olive harvest.

Izvat Jaloud gate

It was closed.

Ras Atiya Gate (Wadi Tin)

Also closed except for olive harvesting. Ras Tira gate, 1327 (North).  Seasonal gate, opening times unclear.

Wadu Rasha gate 1360

Open to pedestrians, Saturdays 9-9:15 and 16:00-16:15, year round.