Jaba (Lil), Qalandiya

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Natanya Ginsburg (translating), Maya Leibowitz (report)

A surprisingly calm morning.
We arrived at 5.15 and immediately we arrived we felt the difference. There were no lines reaching into the car park. Few cars were in the parking lot. The longest line was not more than a few minutes. We do not remember anything like this on a Sunday morning. We ask why this morning is different from others. Some say because of the  rain. But surprising.

Five young men from the same family, residents of Kubeiba are forced to return. They think that this is because a cousin was involved in the “messup in Jerusale, ( probably  in a terrorist attack).” They show us their work permits so as to see what we can do to help.

The humanitarian gate does not open. There is no necessity. A man who arrives with his young son who has to go to hospital only has a work permit  but is allowed through. We wait to see if he will return but he does  not do so.

The shed is only lit by three neon signs. At 5 am it is very dark. We try to find out who is responsible for this. The soldier does  not know. One promises to find out. The coffee seller says that only Menashe can help.

Everything is going so quickly that we feel we are redundant. We leave towards seven.

On the other hand the road is in confusion. The trip to Jerusalem took us nearly an hour. 


Natanya: Once more  there was a long line at Jaba  (Lil) . Drivers were turning back which made the journey very dangerous. We went back to Qalandiya checkpoint where the traffic was catastrophic. We went back to Lil which opened up to some extent and Israeli cars were let through. Is this another collective punishment?

The five men mentioned before all work at the same place. On Friday also they were turned back.  Sua with whom I was having a lesson spoke to the one  and  suggested that they get the boss to see what he could do. I am sure  that  also for him to lose five workers and they have been with him for over ten years is a loss. They are desperate. Two of  them phoned me at least 3 or 4 times in the morning asking me if I had been able to find out anything for them. I also gave them Sylvie’s number. I spoke to Hana and she said that that they should try again in a week or so.  I ask why exacerbate the situation with men who obviously only want to make a living. A stupid question I know. As a taxi driver said to me this morning  …from Zur Bachar…talking about young children carrying out terrorist attacks……if you choke a cat does it not scratch?